A pioneering online credit platform – Press releases

CashX is one of the pioneering platforms in Sri Lanka to provide online lending facilities from cashX. CashX has many advantages while providing you with online loans, cash loans and quick cash loan services.

Online loan

CashX offers an excellent opportunity for an online money loan in 15 minutes, with a 50% discount. The loan amount can vary from Rs. 5000 to 40,000, you get quick approval in five minutes and the only requirement will be NIC card number.

Cashx comes as a simple, reliable and cost-effective convenience package, and getting cashX’s online loan is just a stone’s throw away.

  • First, you must call or leave a request by filling out the forms
  • Second, wait for the decision, no more than one minute wait
  • Third, get the money you’ve always been waiting for

Cashx offers an online loan system with an interest rate of 15.8 to 18.1% per month

(maximum APR 216.12%)

In CashX, you can receive an online loan on your card if you are a person between the ages of 20 and 60. You must use your personal banking information correctly, the telephone number you use must be registered in your name and entering a landline telephone number at your place of work is essential. Finally, providing a photo of your identity card, passport or driving license to verify your identity will be the conditions for obtaining the online loan from cashx

No offense now you must be wondering how easy this online loan is to get in 15 minutes. A step-by-step diagram for taking an online loan from cashX to a card.

  • create your private space on the site
  • sign the contract with cashX

This cashX online loan will offer you many advantages over a consumer loan, issued by the bank. The accessibility of getting a smaller amount for a shorter period, only a few requirements will be needed as mentioned above, and you can get a loan online on a card from any bank.

Cash loans

With a vision to prove the fastest cash at cashX, cash loan disbursement is their main specialization. CashX provides your cash loans much faster and easier than in a bank and you can apply for up to SR 40,000 from cashX

CashX works around the clock – so you can get cash even if you need it right now.

THE MAIN term of the problem is that the return period for new customers and regular customers is up to 30 days and it is possible to extend the loan period, but when renewing, the customer will not be charged any penalties increased.

It is worth applying for a cash loan from CashX because you will be able to apply from anywhere and anytime (even if it’s dark and you’re on the weekend, far from the city) get money on a card, you don’t have to take a large sum of money with you.

Regarding customer requirements,

  • Any adult citizen of Sri Lanka who has an ID card, passport and driver’s license can take money in cashX.
  • At cashX, the customer does not need to provide a certificate of income, a deposit or a pledge

In the end, you must be wondering the steps to get an online loan and cash loan quickly and easily: a step by step diagram

To take out a cash loan or an online loan on a card

  • Create your private space on the site
  • Sign the contract with cashx

Quick Cash Loans

CashX fast loan provides the fastest cash loans When it comes to processing speed:

  • You receive a response to the first request within 15-30 minutes, from the second and beyond – in 5-15 minutes;
  • At the first call, the money will be on your card within an hour, from the second call and beyond – within 20-40 minutes;
  • Cashx works around the clock – you don’t have to waste time waiting for the start of the working day.

(Credit terms are up to RP 40,000 for up to 30 days.)

If you don’t have time to return the money, you can always extend the term of the agreement without damaging your credit history and without additional penalties.

CashX may be the platform you have always been looking for, seize this opportunity now and meet your needs.