Having several credits with several different organizations can lead to large monthly payments. To remedy this, renegotiate rates and possibly lower monthly payments by spreading out the repayment period, the best solution is to use a credit repurchase.

Finding the organization that offers the best credit buy-back offer, however, is sometimes as difficult as finding credit. This is the reason why we have set up a credit buyback comparator , as well as a system allowing us to obtain the best mortgage loan rates.

Reduce your monthly payments with the repurchase of credit

Reduce your monthly payments with the repurchase of credit

Consumer credit, car loan, mortgage… sometimes loans pile up without anything being done about it. Generally, these credits are taken out with different organizations as the household needs. The monthly payments thus increase always more until becoming too high.

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to gather all its credits and to renegotiate a more attractive rate. Above all, it gives the possibility of further spreading the duration of the repayment of the credit if necessary, in order to lower the monthly payments. Households can then gain purchasing power and benefit from a more comfortable lifestyle. Using a credit comparator and buying back credit simplifies the process.

When to buy back credit?

When to buy back credit?

Credit redemption can be carried out in certain specific cases:

  • Combine only consumer loans
  • Combine one or more consumer loans with a mortgage
  • Renegotiate only a mortgage

So we must, as we said, have at least two consumer loans, or a consumer loan and a mortgage. Our credit buyback comparator simulates each of these situations.

Use a credit buy comparator

Use a credit buy comparator

Many banks and organizations offer credit buyouts. The offers are however more or less interesting, and getting closer to each organization can be long. The best alternative is therefore to use a credit buyout comparator like the one below.

By filling in some information, such as the number of credits to be redeemed and their amount, this allows us to contact different credit organizations and thus obtain several offers to buy back credit for the client. The latter then only has to choose the most advantageous offer.

1- Enter your personal information in the credit buyback comparator

In order for our comparator to be able to offer the customer the best credit buy-back offers, it is first necessary to know the said customer. The first step in the simulation therefore involves entering your personal information: name, first name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, postal address, professional status, etc.

2- Indicate your financial situation and current credits

Number of credits held, amounts, monthly payments… it is necessary to clearly specify all the credits that the client wishes to redeem. The financial situation, that is to say the amount of income, will then determine the possible offers.

3- Obtaining results

Last step of the credit buyback comparator: the results.

Once the simulation of credit request is finished, the client lands on a ranking of the best partner offers in coherence with the project and the profile indicated. At this stage, the customer has nothing more to do, because his information will be automatically transmitted to the organization who will contact him as soon as possible to detail the possible solutions.

Supporting documents to provide

Supporting documents to provide

If the consumer is satisfied with the offer offered at the end of the credit buyback comparator, he must send supporting documents to the organization, in particular to prove his identity.

The supporting documents generally requested are the following:

  • An ID
  • Proof of address
  • A transfer form
  • Copies of the latest pay slips (usually two)
  • A copy of the latest monthly account statement from the current account