Crypto-as-a-service emerges as an option in FinTech

Today in B2B payments, Crypto-as-a-Service has something for everyone in the payments landscape, while more than half of businesses using checks are making and receiving fewer check payments because they prioritize digitization. Additionally, Zimpler plans to expand after garnering a new round of investor funding.

Financial firms bring inside perspective to crypto-as-a-service

Banks and financial services companies want to provide the ability to buy, sell, and trade digital assets before their customers seek them elsewhere, but merchants want to provide customers with the ability to pay with their bitcoin , their ether, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. They may also want to use the pax dollar stablecoin from Paxos, or USDP. That’s why Nium, a global payment and card-issuing company that can move money to 45 countries and make disbursements to 190 – 85 of them in real time – has created a new Crypto- as-a-Service (CaaS) which allows customers to onboard and integrate cryptocurrency services through application programming interfaces (APIs).

53% of check-based businesses put digital payments in the fast lane

More than half (53%) of businesses that use checks are making and receiving fewer check payments since prioritizing payment digitization. Of businesses that use cash, 87% do so less often. Buyers and suppliers have been limited by legacy software and systems that do not provide the interoperability that their businesses and partners increasingly demand, often resulting in B2B payment delays, errors, fraud, a lack of payment data, cash flow issues, and other issues that can prevent companies from delivering the kind of instant financial transactions that are quickly becoming table stakes in nearly every vertical.

A2A Payments Company Zimpler Lands Equity Funding

Swedish FinTech payments Zimpler plans to expand following an undisclosed new equity funding round. Zimpler offers instant account-to-account (A2A) payment solutions for merchants in industries such as travel, e-commerce and the creator economy. It also recently launched a B2B A2A solution, designed to simplify inbound and outbound payments for merchants.



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