Innovative non-QM product and technology on the horizon for brokers

“We have refined the portal and are in the process of releasing it for non-QM customers, now available to our Prime customers,” said Fisher.

“With this unique system, the mortgage broker can handle the entire process of uploading the loan, pricing, disclosing in minutes, ordering their appraisal, locking in their rate, viewing all of their fees. , uploading their terms, reviewing their disclosures, and managing the entire process from start to finish in one easy place, ”Fisher explained.

Comparing the salon to other similar systems with external agencies, Fisher is convinced that LoanStream’s centralized mechanism outperforms on several levels.

“Our technology is very precise, very succinct and efficient. Brokers can literally put down a loan and have it disclosed in minutes, not hours, not days, minutes. And that’s pretty extraordinary, ”Fisher said.

“You see some of the biggest players in the agency world that have been implementing similar technology for quite some time now. But seeing it for non-QMs is exciting. We believe this will be a game-changer. It makes the whole process better for everyone, ”concluded Fisher.

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