Monitor Your Wallet: Solve to Save Money


LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Here are some ideas for those of you who decide to put more money in the bank in 2022.

If making 2022 a financially successful year is the big goal, we’ve got your New Year’s resolution ideas. Sara Rathner, personal finance expert at Nerdwallet, said it’s best to create a budget now and figure out what to do next. you need to take care of it first.

“Maybe you want to increase the amount you’ve saved in your retirement account, or you want to start investing for the first time, or you want to pay off your student loans more aggressively,” Rathner said.

Having a plan and choosing a great financial resolution is a start. Then start putting some money aside to reach the goal.

Maybe your goal is to create an emergency fund or open a savings account – whatever the money goal is, start setting aside $ 20 or $ 25 each week for it. It will add up quickly. If you are able to devote more money to the goal, do so.

Put monthly reminders on your phone to check your resolution, so you stay in that saving mindset throughout the year.

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