Radian Aims to Shorten Lending Cycle Times and Increase Transparency with Radian Ready Title Solution

Title reports can be confusing, while at the same time lenders seek to reduce time and friction in the loan origination cycle to stay competitive and provide their borrowers with excellent customer service.

Radian provides lending customers with the service and speed they need to build quality customer relationships that can turn into repeat business. As a full-service title partner, Radian reduces hassle and delivers greater value to loan originators, sales managers, vendor managers, and loan officers.

“Radian disrupts traditional title processes and uses technology and automation to create better title insight,” said Grant Brittain, SVP, Title Sales. “We’re reimagining title insurance and settlement services to deliver a new experience that’s simplified, transparent and cost-effective.”

In pursuit of this goal, Radian created Radian Ready to help its lending clients shorten loan cycle times, increase transparency and reduce friction with the title product. Radian Ready provides lenders with instant less than a day to close, as well as actionable items for lenders and their borrowers to track in order to quickly settle outstanding items.

Radian Ready is a compliant solution that generates a standard ALTA loan policy that meets investor requirements. In addition to the standard ALTA commitment, the solution provides a clear summary of the title’s commitment and issues, if any, that need to be resolved prior to closing.

Radian Ready is written to make it easy for a junior processor or loan originator to review and discuss with their client. Its streamlined filing system provides clarity to consumers at every step. When there are items that need to be resolved, the solution provides an exact breakdown of each issue and plain language explanations of how Radian will resolve them.

When the title is Radian Ready, the solution provides a cover page, a clear and comprehensive certificate, and traditional title group documents, either in one document or split as needed.

Radian Ready uses technology to reduce standard process cycle times and increase efficiency and quality. On average, Radian Ready reduces the time it takes to produce and clear titles by 50%, eliminating unnecessary delays in the underwriting and clearing process.

Radian increases the efficiency created by Radian Ready by investing in quality staff who provide exceptional customer service.

Consumers expect a smooth loan transaction that includes minimal touchpoints before closing. Radian Ready simplifies the title process, reducing these touch points for lenders and consumers.

“Radian is a gold standard in the mortgage industry. Customers choose Radian because of our long-standing reputation and commitment to quality service,” said Brittain. “They rely on our expertise to fulfill title orders with precision and consistency.”

Jill Cadwell, SVP, Securities Operations

Jill Cadwell, a 30-year industry veteran, is responsible for building a digital strategy that continues to position Radian as an industry pioneer, welcoming both lenders and customers.


Grant Brittain, SVP, Securities Sales

With 17 years of experience in title industry roles, Grant Brittain brings the voice of the client and deep knowledge of the title industry to his role as head of the title sales and settlement team at Radian.